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Interior Design
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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Collaborative Design Approach

by Lorraine Alexander
Published by Redwood Empire Remodelers Association Newsletter March 2010

On any interior project, interior design is a key element that is often overlooked. A skilled designer is an essential resource that will bring your remodel or new construction project from ordinary to exceptional, by guiding you to the finest choices that reflect your personal style and budget. Unlike the role of an architect or contractor, interior designers look at the practical use and function of interior space, while creating a handsome aesthetic.

Whether a designer helps develop the floor plans or revises existing plans, a designer’s recommendation will significantly improve your project. Their role in the planning phase is essential, as they skillfully assess furniture layout, function and the visual balance of the interior space.

Creating your design team...

The most successful projects combine the skills of an interior designer with those of an architect, contractor and tradesmen, as each plays a key role. This collaborative design approach used in the early stages of the project ensures quality craftsmanship, beautiful design, and simply superior results.

What can a designer do for you?

• A skilled designer will help a contractor stay on schedule, as they guide the homeowner toward the best selections for the project and efficiently coordinate materials, with consideration to lifestyle, budget, durability and aesthetics.

• Need to stretch the budget? A designer can cleverly determine and advise where your dollars will be best spent; spending more in some areas and less in others, in the end their expert advice will make your project sparkle.

• If your project is a remodel, a seasoned designer can guide your remodel-project into a fresh design that continues to work with the vintage, setting, and existing elements of the home.

• Most importantly, recruiting the expertise of an interior design professional will help you develop optimal use of space, while offering creative design solutions along with innovative design elements, making your project unique.

A comfortable relationship...

Above all, the relationship between you, and the interior designer must feel right or it won't work. Remember, you are working together on your project. Find a designer that has innovative design solutions and communicates well, and your project will be smooth sailing with stunning results.

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